BEEBAD is one of the Official Juventus Partners

Beebad is one of the official juventus partners

Post by DillyMart

In August of 2017 Juventus announced a new partnership. The club joined up with unique energy drink BEEBAD for a three years period. BEEBAD is a premium product made of honey and other natural ingredients (caffeine, royal jelly, ginseng, propolis and maca) which includes vitamins B6-B12 and is ideal...

What is BEEBAD?

What is beebad?

Post by DillyMart

BEEBAD is a healthy, great-tasting Energy Drink which has people buzzing! It is the first energy drink of its kind to be sweetened entirely with honey, have natural ingredients, and is free from refined sugars, taurine, artificial sweeteners, flavourings and preservatives. Perfect for people with ...